China’s Cumulative CO2 Is Triple The UK’s

By Paul Homewood



On the topic of climate blackmail reparations, the charge from developing nations is that the UK and others in the West began putting out emissions long ago in the 19thC. They argue that it is the cumulative effect of this which matters, not our current emissions.

However, as the above chart shows, our historic emissions pale into insignificance when compared with China’s. Since 1850, UK emissions total 74 billion tonnes, whereas China’s are now at 235 billion tonnes.

Even the Indian sub-continent is already responsible for 61 billion tonnes cumulatively, and on current trends will have caught us up withing five years.

If there is any justification at all for “reparations”, India should pay the same as us, and China three times as much.

Of course this never had anything to do with the climate, it is all about punishing rich countries.


November 10, 2022 at 04:47AM

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