Want Cheap & Reliable Power? Then Stop Voting for Deluded RE Obsessed Lunatics

But if the owner says that some of the passengers and crew would like the ship propelled with renewable energy, I will remind the owner about those resources. Wind for instance, was popular for hundreds of years, but as you can’t control the wind speed or direction, many vessels end up on the rocks.

Many sailing vessels sitting idle in calm conditions were ideal targets for pirates who would gleefully kill everyone on board, and steal all the valuables including the ship. For defence, history records that sailing warships were absolutely no match for powered warships. Check for yourself, renewable energy warships are a total nonsense. Now, we have to manage your vessel with a competent, experienced captain and experienced crew, and train up people to continue the ship’s future. No ship’s crews are selected on the base of gender, race or religion. It is all about people with certificates of competency.

Let’s compare this nation to a ship. If we have to responsibly take it into the future, we have to embrace a steady power source, ideally with minimal emissions. The options again, are coal, diesel, hydrogen, LNG, wind, solar or nuclear. My recommendation as an experienced design engineer is for the nation to use nuclear.

A whole series of small modular reactors, SMRs, will power the nation with no emissions. The next important issue is defence. A nation with ample nuclear power can economically power steel mills, aluminium refineries, building of ships, aircraft and manufacturing. Renewable energy for industrial manufacturing is a total nonsense and leaves the nation weak and isolated, an easy target for modern day pirates or potential invaders.

What about management? Should we elect people to leadership because of their race, religion or colour or their belief in unproven science, global warming, sea level rises or the man in the moon? No. We need to elect someone with spine, experience.

If you see any political party with the headline policies including, nuclear power for the nation, tackling the nation’s huge debt boosting defences manufacturing, implementing nation-building schemes, consider voting for them. However, if you are always angry and unhappy about this nation, generally, please do us a favour and leave the place. Also, if you have the urge to vote for the greens, I strongly suggest you run your head into a brick wall until that urge subsides.



November 12, 2022 at 12:32AM

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