Open Thread

Donald Trump should refrain from trashing his fellow Republicans.

I’m talking specifically about Florida Governor, Ron Desantis and Virginia Governor, Glenn Youngkin.

Governor Desantis and Governor Youngkin are rising stars in the Republican Party. They are doing things that are favored by a majority of Republicans.

Attacking them now, when they have not even said they were thinking about running for president, will only backfire on you, Donald. It will make you look like a petty, vindictive person. And Republicans will not buy your attempts to trash these people. They already have a high opinon of them, and your trying to trash that opinion will be seen for what it is and not favorably.

Declare you are running for president in 2024, and then attack Joe Biden and the Democrats, not Republicans.

Taking shots at Desantis and Youngkin is different from taking shots at Jeb Bush or some of the others you denigrated in the election of 2016. Desantis and Youngkin have established records.

Giving Desantis and Youngkin nasty, denigrating nicknames will only backfire on you, Donald.

Do the smart thing and concentrate on the real enemies, the radical Democrats. Call them all the names you want.

Don’t take shots at Republicans who may not even run against you.

I see Desantis as your successor, and that’s the way you should see it, too.

Otherwise, you may not get elected next time around.

Watch your mouth. It can make or break you now. Be nice. Except to radical Democrats.

via Watts Up With That?

November 13, 2022 at 08:56AM

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