Don’t miss, the World Wide Rally For Freedom — This Saturday 12 noon

The battle for freedom is here. The World Wide Freedom Rally of 2021 was massive, the largest protest I have ever been too, and it’s on again.

Don’t miss the chance to meet like minded people who will not go quietly into the night of corruption and lies. This is for everyone who is fed up with censorship; fed up with funding fantasies of climate control; and fed up with forced injections. I’m honored to be speaking at the Perth World Wide Rally for Freedom.

If you think there’s no point, that the swamp is too deep, ponder that that’s exactly what the Swamp wants. Ask yourself what someone in a Soviet gulag would say — you have riches beyond your wildest imagination, and so many ways to fight back.

There are events all over the world:

This Saturday | World Wide Freedom Rally Nov 19 2022

Australian Freedom Rally — Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Mackay.

See: World Wide Freedom Rally. Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Substack,


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The Perth Event features John Shipman, Julian Assanges father.

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November 16, 2022 at 12:19PM

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