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We’re in an information war against the financial monsters of the world. They’re swimming in an ocean of money. But thanks to all the independent spirits who have kept me going for years without a regular income, we fight on. Together we can expose the grifters, the sad culti, and mock their holy idols. It’s a dangerous moment in history, but as those in the gulags would have surely said, we have so many tools, and it’s a time where their sacred cows are coming undone. The pagan witchdoctors have overplayed their hand, they are vulnerable.

It is not just about the dollars, it’s an honor, and amazingly motivating to get help, big or small, from like minded souls all corners of the globe. It’s been an absolute delight to connect with so many good people who think for themselves, who will not submit, and who recognize the threat from the parasites in the system.

Never surrender

Please hit the tip jar, buy me a beer, a steak, server space or a new hard drive.

Thanks for your contribution, no matter how big or small.

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via JoNova

December 22, 2022 at 01:00AM

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