BBC’s Climate Question

By Paul Homewood


h/t Douglas Dragonfly

I would not recommend anybody follows Douglas’ example, and actually listen to all of this, for the sake of their sanity!




What struck me most was the sheer self-righteousness of it all. The presenter and contributors actually seem to believe they are saving wretched deniers from some satanic cult. A sort of cardboard cut-out version of “deniers” is presented.

Most of the programme is devoted to Sarah Ott, a young American who implausibly says she used to be a denier but now sees the light. There are all of the usual trigger-words; linking climate deniers to evolution deniers, bible bashers, republicans. But Sarah eventually escaped the Dark Side by listening to NPR, the American version of the BBC!

ClimateGate got a mention as well, which according to our Sarah deniers claimed disproved climate change.

Nowhere was there any recognition whatsoever of real debate. For instance, how much of the warming since the Little Ice Age is natural, the grossly overheating of climate models, what effect the tiny amount of warming has had on our weather, both good and bad. And so on.

Next up comes a report from Kenya, where the BBC tells us there is a major drought. Strangely though the BBC fail to make any attempt to show that the drought has anything to do with climate change, or is even unusual. Indeed Kenya has actually been getting wetter since the 1970s:

Precipitation Trend per Decade, 1971-2020; Kenya


This report from Kenya is a perfect example of how the BBC persistently report climate issues. Find a drought, flood or storm, and pretend it is caused by climate change without the slightest evidence.

Maybe the BBC’s Disinformation reporters should devote all of their time in future to exposing the BBC’s own disinformation, instead of inventing imaginary climate denying bogeymen!


December 26, 2022 at 10:37AM

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