South African Energy Contractors Accused of Stealing Coal and Shipping it to Europe

Essay by Eric Worrall

First published JoNova; How low will they go? Europe has been accused receiving stolen shipments of high quality coal from Africa, while they push Africa to embrace the useless renewables which have failed to provide Europe’s energy needs.

Press play on the video above. The still image doesn’t adequately convey the sheer scale of the alleged coal heist, the convoy just goes on and on.

JoNova has a more complete post on the desperate state of South Africa’s energy system, the rampant corruption and blackouts. The tweet above is from JoNova’s post.

The following is a story which corroborates widespread criminal activity in Eskom Energy Company’s supply chain network.

Arrest of Eskom truck driver hints at criminal grip over SA’s coal value chain

By David McKay
Nov 23, 2022

THE arrest of a coal truck driver highlights the extent of problems Eskom faces as it seeks to stem corruption it says is costing the country billions of rands.

The Government-owned utility detailed how security services arrested a contracted employee who attempted to deliver inferior coal to its Camden power station. Coal that is delivered to Eskom has to meet with specific size, moisture and energy specifications in order it burns at the correct efficiency.

According to Eskom, the driver was employed at a coal transport company contracted by Eskom. He left the Msimbithi coal mine in Wonderfontein, Mpumalanga province with correctly sized coal which he then swapped for an inferior quality coal at an illegal coal yard. The good coal was to be traded for profit at a later stage.

“Coal theft is highly organised criminal activity and syndicates involved are being enriched through the proceeds derived from the trade in stolen coal,” said Eskom.

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That independent corruption investigation one of the tweets called for might be a long time coming. Former President Zuma disbanded South Africa’s famously untouchable anti-corruption unit over a decade ago, while they were investigating the President for alleged corruption. I’m not sure what if anything replaced the disbanded anti-corruption unit, but I’m guessing any replacement wasn’t as effective as the old unit.

Of course, corrupt African nations are not the only places where federal police have been accused of serving interests other than their sworn duty to uphold the law.

Europe might not have created this latest round of corruption and chaos in South Africa, but if there is any truth to this claim that Europe is taking advantage of Africa, adding to Africa’s corruption misery by receiving stolen goods from Africa to prop up faltering European economies, well I guess it wouldn’t be the first time.

via Watts Up With That?

December 28, 2022 at 12:28AM

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