Friday Funny: Paul Ehrlich Discredits the Peer Review Process

Ever since CBS trotted out serial doomster Ehrlich to promote his never ending negative knowledge this week, we’ve heard a lot of pushbacks.

For example, this post yesterday from Anthony

Well on Tuesday it was all just too much for the old malthusian and he lashed out at all those right wingers.

Twitter was not kind to nonagenarian face of environmental chicken littleism. Here are some examples.

It is quite entertaining to read the quote tweets directly. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr also joined in the response.

Originally tweeted by Roger Pielke Jr. (@RogerPielkeJr) on January 5, 2023.

This 1971 review of Ehrlich and Ehrlich by Roger Revelle titled, “Paul Ehrlich: New High Priest of Ecocatastrophe” is really something

The poor should stay poor, to allow more for us
Hence the concept of “never-to-be-developed countries”

I had no idea Revelle was so spicy:

“No one can blame the Ehrlichs, living within a few miles of the Bay Shore Highway between San Francisco and San Jose, for thinking that the four-fold growth of California’s population since 1930 is a disaster”

Compulsory abortion, sure, why not

Originally tweeted by Roger Pielke Jr. (@RogerPielkeJr) on January 5, 2023.

I’ll end this medley with a video clip demonstrating what a disgusting, anti-human, anti-freedom, totalitarian statist, Ehrlich always has been. It’s illustrative that he begins by saying he’s not in favor of government interference then goes on to describe all the ways he wants government to interfere.

via Watts Up With That?

January 6, 2023 at 12:13PM

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