John Christy on extreme weather and the link to  human CO2 increases: 

"We have observations for about 135 years in Alabama. Over this period, we can calculate the extreme values for every type of statistic desired, hottest day, hottest 3-days, hottest week, hottest fortnight, hottest month, etc. There are dozens and dozens of extreme parameters that may be determined. However, based on very simple statistics, we would expect fully half of these extremes to be exceeded in the next 135 years without any human influence at all. Extreme events will continue to occur naturally."

Exactly – our detailed measurements are over much too short a time frame to say that any small change in a record is significant. Yet the media try to make out there is an "emergency" because of a change in one record.

"Various types of paleoclimate evidence (tree rings, ice cores, lake sediments, etc.) give us some glimpses into events prior to the 19th century and indicate that many ancient extremes appear well outside of our recent experience (i.e. being “worse” than our “worst ever”) – all due to natural dynamical processes." 

via climate science

January 12, 2023 at 02:05AM

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