Sydney enjoys 323 days under 30 degrees in our largest UHI

2022 ended up cooler than normal towards the end see Chris Gillham’s great www pages –
Australian climate cooling since 2012.
And today Sydney Observatory Hill just recorded over 30 degrees – read about the significance at Weatherzone.
Sydney ends near-record run below 30 degrees 18Jan23. Quote [ Prior to today, Sydney’s last day above 30ºC was on February 21, 2022, meaning the city just had 331 days between temperatures over 30ºC.
This is the city’s second longest gap between 30ºC days in records dating back to 1859. The only longer period between 30ºC days lasted for 340 days, between December 31, 1882, and December 6, 1883.]
Weatherzone also note at the end of their article – Quote[Considering Sydney’s near-record run of days below 30ºC in the broader context of climate change makes it an even more impressive feat for the city. Observations from Observatory Hill show that the city’s mean annual maximum temperature has increased by around 1ºC between 1910 and 2021.]
How stunning that they would “touch their forelock” to “climate change” but not mention the location in the largest urban heat island in all the wide brown land.
2023 In Australian is starting cool but what else is due this year? Will add to this post later.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

January 17, 2023 at 10:47PM

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