Unsettled: Climate and Science | Dr. Steven Koonin

Jordan B Peterson

Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Steven Koonin discuss the IPCC reports – the globally sourced research on climate change – and how policymakers take summaries of summaries from these to justify their green agenda, despite what the reports actually suggest. They also discuss starvation, obesity, green economics, and nuclear futures.

Dr. Steven Koonin, a University Professor at NYU, has served as the Department of Energy’s Under Secretary for Science, as Chief Scientist for BP, and as professor and Provost at Caltech. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, a Governor of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a senior fellow of Stanford’s Hoover Institution, and a Trustee of the Institute for Defense Analyses. Koonin holds a BS in physics from Caltech and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from MIT. He wrote the recent bestseller “Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters.”

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For Dr. Steven Koonin:

Dr. Koonin’s online material can be found here: https://steven-koonin.medium.com/

Andrew Dessler debates Dr. Steven Koonin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gICW…

More of Dr. Steven Koonin’s debates: https://www.steamboatinstitute.org/th…

(1:16) Intro
(4:00) Areas of focus
(8:30) Caltech, the best fifth of MIT
(10:30) BP’s chief scientist for 5 years
(12:50) Why every scientist should work in the private sector
(15:25) 4 percent of the world uses 20 percent of the power
(20:25) Promising future beyond petroleum
(22:30) Biofuels, competition of farmland for fuel or food
(25:00) Instability in Europe, the problem with renewables
(27:00) Reliable, affordable, clean
(29:00) Parallel power?
(31:00) Cobalt and cost
(32:50) The perfect storm in Germany
(34:10) Polling terror and pandering
(35:20) Techno-economic realities
(37:00) 6.5 billion need fossil fuels
(39:00) The argument for mass suffering
(41:38) Malthus, population, and extinction
(45:30) IPCC Reports, the summary, and the summary of the summary
(49:20) 97 percent of scientists agree?
(51:20) Devil’s advocate, since 1980 the world has greened 40 percent
(55:00) Suspicious predictions, climate, and the stock market
(57:45) Climate models: assumptions, averages, and vertical movement
(1:03:40) Nuclear power, economics, and genuine emissions reduction
(1:08:25) The politicians scream apocalypse, the science whispers optimism
(1:12:45) Attention to loss over gains
(1:15:39) Sustained imagination, America’s obsession with short-term results
(1:19:18) Obesity is a bigger threat than starvation
(1:21:40) Credible advocates in the political sphere
(1:23:10) Cowardice in the face of cancellation
(1:26:30) The issue with the term “climate scientist”
(1:29:20) Depressing and demoralizing the next generation
(1:32:20) Public opinion, ignorant discourse
(1:34:00) Telling young people that political activism is a means of morality
(1:35:25) Critical thinking and a basis of respect

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January 18, 2023 at 12:39AM

2 thoughts on “Unsettled: Climate and Science | Dr. Steven Koonin”

  1. My theory is we should use helium 3 as our energy source and work on it really hard to find out how we can make it reliable. We need CO2 these assholes EPa and ARB and the fake Front of the CARB. Is your pretend they’re going to lower the parts per million and put a tax on our gas is per gallon and look real nice and pretty when you’re not doing shit. Every car at Smog for my whole life is well below a RB specifications. What are they doing nothing another topic is pollution if we would change it fishing boat retrofit it so that we could go out in the Pacific Ocean and collect all those plastic bottles floating cut them up shredded them clean them melt them and make Big Lego type bricks like the guy doesn’t Columbia and build a three bedroom house with it for under $900. We’re stupid I have seven 3-D printers. I know the capability all these people on the street can’t find a home melt some fucking trash and build a fucking house a three year old could think of that. The Earth naturally warms every so many thousands and thousands of years it cleanses itself and it comes back. There’s nothing we can do. It’s normal just look at the ice scores in North and South Pole. Cut a slice off one of those and put. It in electro spectrum grammar something and melt it down and take a whiff of the air bubbles trapped inside and you’ll find there’s more CO2 30,000 years ago then there is now. Don’t get me started


    1. Pardon my spelling, I didn’t check it before I sent it. I have a stupid Siri there’s a lot of things that can be done. That the rich people the higher-ups don’t want us to do because we’ll be saving money saving lives, and they won’t make money they hide the good ideas the media is corrupt they don’t print the good things that are happening they scare the shit out of the people and the people are too busy on their phones to know what’s going on playing with China’s TicTac and being brainwashed they have us by our balls and vaginas were crippled and South America. Has us by the balls also, we now have 40 million people hooked on drugs, crack, heroin, you name it. They also take our children and sell them as sex slave and these people look around like zombies and don’t even know what’s going on. Come down to Los Angeles and see for yourself go down to the border. There’s more than one problem besides climate, I don’t like the climate of the people around me anymore. And if you don’t either you better get off your ass and take care of it and protect this country because the left is beating it down to a piece of shit don’t get me started


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