Who To Believe? The BBC Or Your Lyin’ Eyes?


By Paul Homewood

Gaslighting is defined as manipulating someone so as to make them question their own reality:

German police have denied being “extras for Greta Thunberg” after false claims that her detainment at a protest in western Germany was staged.

A viral post falsely claimed the climate activist being held by police was “all set up for the cameras”.

Ms Thunberg and other activists were seeking to stop the abandoned village of Lützerath from being demolished for the expansion of a coal mine.

The video of her being removed by police has gained millions of views.

“We would never give ourselves to make such recordings,” a spokesperson for local police told the BBC, denying allegations that Ms Thunberg’s detainment was fake.

But it is important that the police enable reporting and guarantee the protection of media workers, they added.

The viral video shows the climate campaigner flanked by police officers on either side.

Meanwhile a few photographers can be seen snapping photos and moving around her, as Ms Thunberg smiles.

Several other police officers who were also standing nearby appear to be waiting with her before walking her away from the scene.

Some online have jumped onto these moments of officers and Ms Thunberg waiting around, to falsely claim that it is part of a staged photo opportunity.

However the interior ministry of the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia told the BBC that the police officers and Ms Thunberg were waiting for logistical reasons.


Who do you believe? The BBC or your own lying eyes?

This is the video the BBC actually showed in their original story the day before:


For some reason they left out all of the bits that they did not want you to see:

Instead of gaslighting, why does not the BBC actually publish the full video, and let people decide for themselves?

via Watts Up With That?


January 20, 2023 at 04:09PM

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