Saturday’s Daily Mail carried a three page article by Ross Clark which explained in the most reasonable language just what has been happening to the media when reporting on global warming issues. While not everyone reads the mail, it still has a very large readership. There is more to come on Sunday. The articles come from a new book that Ross is just publishing. Here is the link to the article:

 ROSS CLARK challenges the hysteria that surrounds climate change debates and argues they risk harm | Daily Mail Online

Here are some quotes which illustrate the massive exaggeration in media coverage:

"On July 19 last year, Britain experienced its highest-ever recorded temperature: 40.3c (104.5f) at Coningsby, Lincolnshire. This was the fourth time Britain’s maximum temperature record had been broken since 1990 and is consistent with a warming climate.

Yet did that justify the reporting which framed it as an ‘apocalypse’ with predictions of 10,000 excess deaths from that summer’s heatwave? In the event, excess deaths came to less than a third of that. Moreover, the middle of 2022 witnessed a large unexplained number of excess deaths beginning in March, long before the heatwave."

"People already live and work quite happily in climates far hotter than Britain will experience even in the most dramatic scenarios of climate change. They manage to do this thanks to properly designed buildings, insulated from heat as well as cold, aided by proper ventilation and air-conditioning."

"There seem to be very simple rules behind the narrative being spun to the public. First, that climate change offers nothing positive, only harm. Second, that the only way to tackle that harm is to end climate change. The idea of adapting to it is considered sacrilege."

via climate science

January 22, 2023 at 03:17AM


  1. Ross Clark is either a Pollyanna, or a shill for the oil companies. Either way, it is he, and his ilk, that has stalled, and will continue to stall, effective green energy implementation. His grandkids will suffer, and hate him for it. He has sold his soul for some notoriety, and is as ignorant as the rest of climate-deniers


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