Environmental, Social, Governance* (ESG) – it doesn’t trip off the tongue, but ESG has been gathering pace and influence among the Davos Elite and so it matters. Read further about it here:

Backlash: BlackRock CEO says attacks on ESG investing are getting ugly and personal « JoNova (joannenova.com.au)

Business (or private) reputation is very important and so any threat to vilify a company or individual is very powerful. Once a set of actions becomes "must do" or "must not do" in the eyes of the woke media (and those who hold sway over them) then any organisation (or individual) needs a lot of courage to stand out against it.

*ESG sounds very important and high-minded, but in fact it means whatever the self-appointed high priests of woke want it to mean. 

via climate science


January 25, 2023 at 03:14AM

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