Climate Aristocrat Bill Gates Invokes the Special Person Defence for Private Jet Use

Essay by Eric Worrall

Who are you to question your betters, peasant? Aristocrats break the rules they try to impose on others, because they believe their service justifies any personal excesses.

Jet-Powered Hypocrisy: Bill Gates Cites His Own Importance to Climate Debate for Massive Carbon Footprint

by SIMON KENT 8 Feb 2023

A self-regarding Bill Gates cited his own perceived centrality to the global climate debate for his constant use of private jets to travel the world.

Broadcaster Amol Rajan from the BBC asked Gates in an interview that aired last Friday how he responds to criticism he uses private planes generating outsized carbon emissions while urging political and business leaders to act aggressively against “climate change.”

Gates replied he more than offsets his own emissions by paying for the removal of atmospheric carbon dioxide. He was speaking after having flown to Kenya before the interview.

“Well, I buy the gold standard, of funding Climeworks, to do direct air capture that far exceeds my family’s carbon footprint,” the Microsoft co-founder said, repeating an argument often used by other members of the global elites.

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The BBC video interview is available here.

Make no mistake, this is the elitist world Bill Gates and his fellow climate aristocrats seem intent on building.

Ordinary people might be coerced by carbon taxes into riding bicycles in all weather and eating fake meat produced by Bill Gates, but Gates and his wealthy climate aristocrat friends intend to keep at least some of the old world luxuries for themselves. They believe their good works justify any personal carbon footprint excesses.

via Watts Up With That?

February 8, 2023 at 08:49PM

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