Covered Up Tragedy: Doctors, Officials Turn Backs On Tens Of Thousands Of Seriously Vaxxed Injured

Europe’s ARTE presents an English language documentary on the seriously injured by the COVID vaccine in Germany.

Featured are 2 young adults, Pascal (35) and Tamara (28), who were led to believe by government officials and health institutes that the vaccine was safe, effective and free of side effects.

These two young, fit persons were at the prime of their physical lives, and the risk of being severely ill from the COVID virus was extremely low. However, the medicine they believed would add insurance ended up in reality severely injuring them.

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Even though they had just been vaccinated, they didn’t immediately tie their sudden illness to the shots – not until they discovered the mRNA vaccines indeed were not as safe safe as many of us were led to believe.

Today the University Hospital Marburg now has a waiting list of 6500 seeking therapy for their injuries.

The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) now claims 0.02% of the vaccinated have suffered serious adverse effects. But as the video explains, most doctors just shoo away vaccine-injury patients who complain of serious side effects and don’t bother reporting them. The real rate of vaccine injured is likely 10-100 times higher. So far about 192 million COVID shots have been administered in Germany, but few are allowing themselves further shots. Less than 15% have gotten a 4th shot.

For Germany’s vaccine-injured, the search to get help has become a nightmare as doctors and authorities dismiss them and want nothing to do with them. “It’s psychosomatic…just be patient and everything will be okay.”

Some insist that the injuries have nothing to do with the vaccine and it’s just a coincidence. Young, athletic persons suffering sudden paralysis happens all the time!

Even Dr. Schieffer of the University Hospital in Marburg still supports the vaccination and believes its’s still mostly safe and effective.

As much as the government, its health officials and doctors wish the vaccine injury crisis to be dismissed and forgotten, the injured are not going away.

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February 8, 2023 at 01:56PM

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