Government secrecy over net zero data investigated by watchdog

Domestic Air Source Heat Pump [image credit: UK Alternative Energy]

Not before time. Climate obsession is now being used as a pretext for almost anything the government fancies spending, or not spending, money on. Don’t ask questions, just pay up and look big – seems to be the current policy on the costs.
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The new department for energy security and net zero is facing one of its first challenges as the information watchdog launches an investigation into the government’s refusal to release the figures underpinning its flagship net zero strategy.

Opposition MPs said Grant Shapps, the new net zero secretary, must “show us the numbers”.

The strategy, published in 2021 on the eve of Cop26, was hailed by then prime minister Boris Johnson as “leading the world in ending our contribution to climate change”.

But officials at the department for business, energy and industrial strategy, from which the new department is hived off from, repeatedly refused freedom of information requests to reveal the bottom-up accounting of how measures from electric cars to heat pumps will eliminate emissions.

Full article (paywalled) here.
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Costing £trillions – NetZeroWatch clip from Talk TV here.
Quote: “The government didn’t have that big conversation with the country about what it would mean for them in practice… [despite being] the main plank of government policy making at the current time.”

via Tallbloke’s Talkshop

February 10, 2023 at 08:58AM

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