Nottingham City Council reckons the city will become "carbon neutral" by 2028. See here:

What is CN28? – Nottingham City Council

There is a lot of virtue-signaling going on, but what exactly do they mean? Will all their homes be free of gas heating and cooking? (not likely) or will all their cars become electric – with all electricity coming from green sources? How about food? Will it all be locally sourced with no meat products?

Their is no mention of any of this in their smooth soundbites. They could have picked any year, so why choose 2028?  Is anyone fooled by this stuff? Mind you, the government’s aim for 2050 is just as far-fetched.

Why does no Councillor in their council ask some awkward questions?  I guess they have all been brain-washed.

via climate science

February 18, 2023 at 03:02AM

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