Clueless Ben

By Paul Homewood



The clueless Ben Marlow really does not get it, does he?





It’s just another article slagging off Britain. He writes:

 And yet it is with crushing inevitability that as the country braces itself for a cold snap, Britain’s creaking back-up coal power plants are being used for the first time, in anticipation of possible blackouts as people stay at home with the lights and TV on, and the thermostat cranked up.

National Grid sought to play down the move, stressing that the risk of blackouts was low and characterising the addition of extra capacity as "prudent".

Fine but that sort of misses the point. The fact that whenever there is a sudden surge in demand for power, the Grid is forced to scrabble around for back-up generation, and the best it can do is to return to coal, is a shocking indictment of the Government’s ongoing failure to do anything to improve energy security. 


If coal is such a backward move, maybe Clueless Ben might like to explain why Germany, who are in his book so wonderful, are still using coal for a third of their electricity!



And in his usual clueless way, Ben has not worked out just why we are still reliant on coal. As anybody with a few braincells could work out, it is because we have shut down most of our coal plants, and replaced them with intermittent renewables, which we cannot rely on. But Clueless’ answer is to build more wind power!



To be fair, he does point out that we are discouraging development of North Sea oil:


But instead of criticising tax grabs, maybe he should really aim his ire at his colleagues, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Jeremy Warner, who have consistently called for the end of fossil fuel production in the UK.


It is little wonder that circulation of the Telegraph has halved in the last decade, and sales are so poor that they have not even released their readership data in the last three years.


March 9, 2023 at 02:27PM

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