Biden’s Secretary of Energy say’s U.S. can “learn” from China on Climate Change

Larry Hamlin

Biden’s Secretary of Energy say’s U.S. can “learn” from China on Climate Change

In a clear demonstration of the colossal arrogance, incompetence and incoherence of the Biden’s administrations understanding of the reality of global energy use his clueless Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm at a recent conference praised China’s efforts (as shown below) to tackle climate change and claimed that the U.S. can “learn” from what China is doing.

One Republican attending the conference exposed the complete absurdity of Secretary Granholm’s claims by noting:

“Rep. Ashley Hinson, R-Iowa, added that China “is the world’s top polluter” and said the Biden administration should “stop taking China’s lies at face value & hold them accountable.”

The International Energy Agency (IEA) last year issued a report showing that year 2022 global CO2 emissions had rebounded to their highest levels and blamed increased coal use as the main driving factor for the increase as highlighted in their report.

Coal is dominant in driving China’s energy use as well as the energy use of all the nations that make up the developing nations identified as the non-OECD nations. 

Coal does not dominate U.S. energy use so perhaps Secretary of Energy Granholm was suggesting that we adopt more coal in our country’s energy mix based on “learning” from China’s example. 

The BP year 2022 Statistical Review of World Energy has links available that provide extraordinary detail regarding world energy use and emissions over the period from 1965-2021 as shown below from their report.

The BP report shows how fossil fuels dominate global energy consumption and how insignificant renewable energy remains despite decades mandating trillions of dollars in global subsidies for increased use of unreliable renewable energy as shown below.

The BP report establishes that China consumes over 53% of all global coal energy use (86.17 exajoules vs 160.10 exajoules) and in fact uses more coal than all other nations of the world combined. 

Additionally, coal accounted for over 54% China’s total year 2022 total energy use mix (86.17 exajoules versus 157.65 exajoules) with China’s use of coal having climbed by over 55% since (86.17 exajoules versus 55.46 exajoules) 2005.

The BP data shows that in year 2022 the worlds developing nations accounted of over 81% of all global energy (130.41 exajoules versus 160.10 exajoules) coal use. 

The IEA report shows that coal accounts for over 42% of all global year 2022 CO2 emissions by far the most of any energy use fuel even though coal use only represents about 27% of total global fuel (160.10 exajoules versus 595.15 exajoules) use.

The U.S. use of coal accounted for only about 11% of its total year 2022 energy consumption (10.57 exajoules versus 92.97 exajoules) and in fact the U.S. has reduced coal energy use by over 53% since (10.57 exajoules versus 22.85 exajoules) 2005. 

Apparently, Secretary of Energy Granholm might find these comparisons disturbing because they show the U.S. has not “learned” to use more coal by following China’s example. 

Also, apparently Secretary of Energy Granholm believes that using more coal is the most effective way to fight climate change because it follows China’s example.      

The IEA published report provides data which clearly shows that China is the biggest driver by far of increasing global CO2 emissions while the U.S., EU and Japan have been consistently reducing CO2 emissions for decades.

How the United States Secretary of Energy could be so incompetent about global energy use and emissions when readily available energy use and emissions data clearly establish that for decades China has been the leading driver of increased global coal use and global CO2 emissions is completely inexcusable and an embarrassment for the Biden Administration and the U.S.

Additionally, EIA data shows that the future for increased global energy use includes growth in coal and other fossil fuels as noted in a recent WUWT article shown below regardless of what the misguided political buffoons pushing mandated net zero and renewable energy use political propaganda falsely promote.


via Watts Up With That?

March 13, 2023 at 04:15PM

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