Modern Diplomacy: We Should Focus on Climate Action Rather than Interplanetary Colonialism

Essay by Eric Worrall

NASA might have to put their plans to invade Mars on hold, if we heed the green concerns of one of Europe’s foremost woke think tanks.

How Technology Can Help us Address Climate Change: Sustainable Solutions for a Better Future

Published 15 hours ago 
on March 12, 2023
By Muhammad Hamdan

The idea of colonizing another habitable planet has been a topic of discussion for decades. Many people find the idea of finding a new world to call home as exciting and hopeful. However, while the search for another habitable planet is an important scientific pursuit, it is also important to consider the benefits of focusing on our own planet rather than spending billions of dollars in the hopes of finding and colonizing another world.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues that our planet faces today. The world is already experiencing the impacts of climate change, including rising sea levels, more frequent and severe weather events, and the loss of biodiversity. Rather than investing billions of dollars in searching for another habitable planet, it is important to invest in solutions that can help mitigate the impacts of climate change and protect the health and wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants.

Another reason why it is important to focus on our own planet is the need to prioritize resources. The search for another habitable planet requires significant investments in research and development, as well as the deployment of expensive space missions. By focusing on our own planet, we can invest resources in addressing urgent problems such as poverty, disease, and environmental degradation.

There are also important ethical considerations that need to be taken into account when considering the colonization of another planet. The idea of colonizing another planet raises questions about ownership, power, and exploitation. It is important to ensure that any efforts to colonize another planet are guided by ethical principles and values.

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I’m glad author Muhammad Hamdan is concerned about ethical treatment of intelligent aliens. Makes more sense than his climate concerns.

via Watts Up With That?

March 13, 2023 at 12:24AM

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