Climate TV LIVE at 1PM ET ‘Fact Checks’ and Fecklessness

Join us for Episode 59 of Climate Change Roundtable. This week’s episode features a smackdown of the recent “fact check” that AFP conducted on Heartland’s best-selling and highly acclaimed book, “CLIMATE AT A GLANCE FOR TEACHERS AND STUDENTS – Facts on 30 Prominent Climate Topics.”

Host Anthony Watts and expert weekly panelists H. Sterling Burnett and Linnea Lueken will demonstrate how AFP simply ignored the facts referenced in Climate at a Glance. Instead, they opted for a zealous attempt to label the book as “propaganda.”

We’ll also cover the shifting priorities of the EPA and Biden administration regarding the new EPA emissions mandate designed to force Americans into electric cars they clearly don’t want. And finally, we’ll laugh at some of the hate mail sent to the show!

Set a reminder and tune in to join the conversation as we confront the real facts and skewer the feckless on Climate Change Roundtable, live every Friday at 12pm CT/1pm ET. Make sure to join the live chat and share your thoughts with Anthony, Sterling, Linnea, and fellow viewers.

Get your own copy of Climate at a Glance:…


via Watts Up With That?

April 14, 2023 at 11:15AM

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