Intelligence Fabrication by Dem Loyalists before Jan 6

Many people on all sides of the political spectrum criticized the Capitol Police Intelligence Department (IICD) for the alleged failure to highlight and share prior information about the alleged right-wing groups’ plans to attack the Capitol.

Trump supporters neither stormed the Capitol nor planned to do so. Intelligence about such plans did not exist, so it could not be highlighted or shared.

A couple of internal USCP documents alleging such plans by Trump supporters were nothing more than malicious fabrications.

These fabrications played a role in the illogical (to say the least) behavior of the Capitol police on Jan 6 and in falsely framing the events of Jan 6 as an attack by Trump supporters.

Read J6-intel-fake-gallagher-farnam2.pdf

via Science Defies Politics

April 16, 2023 at 03:33PM

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