Central Europe April Has Been Cool And Wet, Bringing Relief To Drought Stricken Regions

April 2023 is more than half finished and the average temperature was Germany is 6.2 degrees Celsius for the first half of April. That’s below the long-term average of 9.0 degrees Celsius.

April 2023 very cool

Hat-tip: Klimanachrichten

However, the month still has a ways to go and warmer weather may prevail. But it seems unlikely that 12.3 degrees Celsius will be reached as in 2018.

Also the most recent forecast – though calling for warm weather this weekend – shows that cold weather is once again in the pipeline for next week, with snow forecast across central and southern Germany.

More cold on the way. Image cropped at Kachelmannwetter.de 

East Germany drought eases

The good news is the precipitation in the eastern part of Germany, where in some areas there  has been very little rain in recent years. So far rainfall already reached pleasing levels by mid-April. This is well indicated by the fill level data from the Harz valley region dams. One of the largest dams, the Granetal dam, had reached a level of almost 95% and further precipitation is forecast. Currently it’s near 90% full.

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April 21, 2023 at 11:51AM

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