Loony Science: German Mainstream Media Blame Riots At Public Pools On Climate Change

By Die Klimanachrichten

If there’s any any doubt, then it’s climate change. Not only more home runs in baseball, but now also more rioting at German public swimming pools in Berlin – due to climate change. The Berliner Zeitung on a report in the WDR.

The massive riots in Berlin’s open-air swimming pools last summer also have to do with climate change, according to a WDR report. The brawls were also ‘an effect of the hot summer’. The article asks whether ‘we have to prepare for more aggression in connection with climate change and rising temperatures.’”

The NZZ looks at the same report, but comes to different conclusions:

Thus, it is rather daring to explain rioting at swimming pools on climate change. The violence is mainly caused by groups of young men who do not ‘get into fights’ because of the climate, but seek trouble regardless of the temperature. They do this by, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung once put it, ‘ignoring the instructions of the pool staff, rioting or otherwise causing trouble’. Studies that more heat leads to more violence, murder and manslaughter do exist. However, they are controversial. At any rate, they cannot answer the question why, according to statistics, people in sunny Spain and Italy are at each other’s throats less than in cool Norway or rainy Great Britain. ARD doesn’t even ask the question. Nor do viewers learn that the phenomenon is more likely to be related to immigrants who are less willing to integrate than to the ‘hot-long-summer effect’ conjured up by ARD. At least this is what video recordings and statements by lifeguards, police officers and politicians suggest.

In the case of the riots in Düsseldorf, there was talk of perpetrators with a ‘North African migration background’. As far as Berlin is concerned, the German Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, stated last summer that it was ‘quite obviously about violence from migrant milieus’. Psychologist Ahmad Mansour spoke of an ‘expression of failed integration’. If you blame the causes of violence on climate change like shows like ‘Planet Wissen’ do, you don’t need to talk about problem of integration and willingness to integrate, but only about more measures against climate change.”

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April 22, 2023 at 11:12AM

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