BREAKING: Tucker Carlson, Highest rated US show in history, suddenly silenced on Fox

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson, Highest rated US show in history, suddenly silenced on Fox

By Jo Nova

Wow. Just like that: Fox News and Tucker Carlson “Part Ways”. His last show was last Friday, and he did not know at the time. No farewell for the top rating show in America. No final show, and no replacement host, just a “rotating” amorphous newsy bit of nothing much. Fox News stocks immediately fell 3%.

Tucker Carlson Tonight was the most watched cable news show in the US. His audience was over 3 million people in the audience every day (not to mention the rest on social media). In March, the audience was increasing.”Obviously, it had to go, right?”

This surely ends the illusion that the media is there to entertain the audience. Forget the idea that the media are there to earn advertising or subscriptions. The audience is not the consumer but the target.

This makes Twitter and Elon Musk more important than  ever.  As Rasmussen Reports says “Tea Leaves: @TuckerCarlson & Elonmusk start a nightly show exclusively on Twitter. Tucker becomes the richest man in the media. (From ZeroHedge)

Carlson produces from a studio at his home, so already many are saying where will he go next? But this is the dangerous moment in history. With Fox settling the legal case, it’s suddenly become too risky for free speech anywhere.

Related? Tucker Carlson speech on the weekend:

“How many people break under the strain of the downward pressure of whatever this is that we are going through. We look with disdain and sadness as we see people you know become quislings, you see them revealed as cowards, you see them going along with the new new thing, it is clearly a poisonous thing, a silly thing, saying things you know they don’t believe because they want to keep their job.”


As Glenn Greenwald says:

Tucker was the cable host who most: * Opposed US proxy war in Ukraine; * Denounced CIA, FBI and DHS for its systemic lies and corruption; * Devoted himself to a pardon for Julian Assange; * Objected to regime change efforts in Cuba; * Criticized Trump Admin’s militarism.

I would also add  *Asked the hard questions about Vaccines and Pharmaceutical companies. *Pushed back against the Climate religion, and Energy Madness.  *Pointed out Twitter used to be a subsidiary of the CIA. *Spoke about the threat from China.







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April 24, 2023 at 01:25PM

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