Skeptics are saving whales while Greens lobby for Industrial Plants in the wilderness

By Jo Nova

Let it be known that the skeptics are, and always have been, the environment’s best friend. The Green’s, sadly are the wilderness wrecking, naive minions of the Establishment Powers who will sacrifice whales in a quest to impress their industrial banker overlords. They tell themselves they are saving whales 100 years from now with the same windmills that kill the whales today.

Our good friends at Heartland and CFACT are working to stop the insanity in a guerilla campaign.



Josh Christenson, NY Post

“It’s gone from ‘Save the Whales’ to ‘Kill the Whales.’ And the green groups that have promoted Earth Day for 53 years are totally okay with this agenda.”

Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow president Craig Rucker said the push to build the wind farms comes “despite growing evidence that whales are being impacted by the preliminary sonar blasting being conducted to site windmills, as well as scores of the marine mammals washing up dead on beaches.”

Steve Milloy, a senior fellow at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute who sits on Heartland’s board of directors, told The Post that the ad campaign reveals how “Orwellian” government action on the environment has become.

“As the Biden administration is literally permitting the offshore wind industry to kill endangered whales under the guise of ‘saving the planet,’ Earth Day has gone 180 degrees from where it started and has become truly Orwellian,” Milloy said.

Fossil fuels can save whales in more ways than one…

CFACT, Save the Whales banner, plane, 2023.

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David Wojick has added up the full tally of requests for permission of industrial windmills to harm or kill Right Whales “accidentally” and it adds up to twice the total known population:…

David Wojick, CFACT

David Wojick

David Wojick, CFACT

Okay it is a trick headline because they can only hammer 100% of the severely endangered North Atlantic Right Whale population. The point is that NOAA is proposing, for offshore wind development, to authorize a horrific 706 cases of physical harassment of Right Whales, whose dwindling population is down to just 340 magnificent critters.

The average whale will get hammered roughly twice. The Right Whales migrate along the coast twice a year. Migration requires repeatedly running a gauntlet of dangerous offshore wind projects. Most likely some whales will be hit many times.

At this rate there won’t be many Right Whales left for the Greens to save in 2123AD.

h/t David Wojick


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April 25, 2023 at 02:08PM

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