The crime of talking to Tucker Carlson and the Red-pilling of Naomi Wolf

By Jo Nova

More than anything the Parasite Rulers fear the coming together of the sensible Left and Right — which is exactly what happened when Naomi Wolf spoke to Tucker Carlson.

In Naomi Wolf’s left-leaning circles, Tucker Carlson was an evil, bad man racist misogynist. But when she tried to talk about vaccine injuries, all her usual media friends ignored her. The last men standing in the US media who would interview her were Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon. Worse, after the interviews the tribal hate started to flow from her soon-to-be-former-friends — somehow the topic didn’t matter: maternal deaths, miscarriages, and erratic periods were all irrelevant — the only thing that mattered was that she had talked to Carlson or Bannon. “How could you” proclaimed the indignant?! All her years of scoring goals for the Left were suddenly worthless.

Naomi Wolf:  So I had to face the alarming evidence that the Left now saw anyone “talking to” the opposition, as being magically, publicly, permanently contaminated and contaminating, in some weird anthropological way, and as now being utterly invalidated, and that they believed all of this in some pre-rational, Stone Age sort of belief matrix.

The reaction, though, of horror, from everyone I knew, at my crime of “talking to Tucker Carlson”, horrified me…

If you are a part of Cult of Unreason, by definition, the rulers have to use banishment and fear to keep the followers following. They can’t reason, after all. The apostates must be punished.

Soon, she and her husband found themselves watching Tucker Carlson for the first time and discovering to her distress, that his monologues often made sense…

Naomi Wolf, Outspoken

Mr Carlson and I spent most of our careers not in alignment on anything; for decades, our places were adversarial on the public chess board. He had assumed that I was the caricature of a shrieking, irrational left-wing feminist —a view for which he has had the good grace publicly to apologize — and I, for my part, was ready to accept that he must be the boorish, sexist, racist, homophobic frat boy that the progressive news outlets I read, relentlessly insisted that he was. I almost never watched his show, so my preconceptions could flourish uncorrected.

That said, I did find it odd that everyone around me in the “liberal elite” media hated him so violently — the way they hated President Trump; but that when I pressed for concrete reasons why, they could not provide them.

And the hate begins, and from people who were “even a friend”:

Media-bias: Tribal hate: Fox keeps hosting pandemic conspiracy theorist Naomi Wolf

I appeared a few times on his show, to air my concerns.

Right away the left-wing “watchdog” Media Matters — run by someone who had been a former acquaintance, even a friend, of ours in DC, the former conservative who had turned Democrat, David Brock — went after me aggressively, with a systematic character assassination on Twitter and on the Media Matters website, engineered by CNN reporter Matt Gertz — a “journalist” who was actually funded to track and attack guests on Fox News: “Fox Keeps Hosting Pandemic Conspiracy Theorist Naomi Wolf”.

(It also consigned millions of women to damaged menses and infertility, by helping to silence this emerging discussion. Maternal deaths are up 40 per cent now, due to compromises of women’s fertility post-MRNA injection. A million babies are missing in Europe. Great work, Mr Gertz, Mr Brock. You will take those harms, that you inflicted upon women and babies, to your graves.)

From now on, nothing she did would be worthy:

But having appeared on Mr Carlson’s show, to raise these and other real concerns, I also was peppered ceaselessly with nasty comments from my own “side.” Why? Because I had talked to Tucker Carlson. That was literally how they phrased my “crime.”

This was the first real confrontation I had with the unreason and the cultlike thinking that were engulfing my “team”. I kept receiving messages, emails, DMs and direct confrontations by phone, with friends and loved ones and even family members.

How can you talk to Tucker Carlson??

I noted with concern that they did not say that I was wrong, or that my assertions were baseless, or even that his assertions were baseless.

This applied with her interview with Steve Bannon, Trump’s former advisor, and even perhaps more so.

Then she and her husband started watching Tucker Carlson:

Well, by this time my husband was watching Mr Carlson’s show. I observed myself experiencing waves of prejudice and of squirming anxiety as I also began to watch his show. To my distress, I found that many of his monologues made sense to me.

They were not unreasonable, by and large, and they were not hate-filled; to the contrary.

I had been told that he was racist. And indeed I recoiled at his signature giggle as he mocked the epithet: “Racist!” But as I actually forced myself to listen, sitting in my discomfort and programmed aversion, observing the reactions in myself (as the Buddhists urge one to do), I realized — he was not in fact a racist.

I realized as I listened that his stories about immigration were not anti-immigrant…

I learned that he was not actually transphobic, as I had been told…

No one would talk to Naomi:

Silence from the US TV networks. Silence from The Washington Post. From The Guardian. Silence from NPR. Silence from the BBC, the Sunday Times of London, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, my reliable former outlets. Even silence from other overseas news outlets. All of these had, until 2020, been happy to respond to what I sent…

So I was in the head-spinning position of realizing that these two men, Carlson and Bannon, both unwavering conservatives, both of whom I had been told represented Evil Incarnate, were the possessors of the only major platforms interested in the hard and fast evidence of the greatest crime in history and of the direct threat to our Republic, of which I was warning; and that every other news outlet, all on the liberal side, indeed around the world, was rushing headlong into the sea of lies…

There shalt be no conversation between the Left and the Right, because it is the antedote.

One of her appearances on Tucker Carlson tonight in April 2022.

One of the speeches on vaccines July 2022

Naomi Wolf blogs at Outspoken




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