It is amazing how the government continually pts out the idea that we will somehow achieve net zero by 2050 with just a few minor tweaks of our current lifestyle. That all we need to do is recycle a bit more and cut back a little on flying and driving. Below is a link to a report produced by a serious body which is given £5 million of government funding. 

This report seems to be letting the cat out of the bag when it says:  The future of construction should be based on stone, earth and timber, along with components “reused and repurposed” from demolition. Recycled steel, cement and bricks can be used, although this will be “constrained” – rationed might be a better word. In the Brecon Beacons, a new college called Black Mountains (BMC) is promoting its new climate breakdown university degree. One short course offered by this seat of learning is ‘Composting Toilets‘.    

"No Bricks, No Glass, No Cement" – What Net Zero 2050 Demands According to Government-Funded Report – The Daily Sceptic

This is surely suicidal for any democratically elected government to bring in. Once demand for construction materials is rationed in this way the economy will shrink and millions would become unemployed. People will surely vote out any government which brought these measures in, and yet so far there is no opposition party with any hope of forming a government which is offering to repeal the disastrous net zero policy.

via climate science

May 1, 2023 at 02:14AM

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