ESG Part I: An Examination of Environmental, Social, and Governance Practices with Attorneys General

Originally tweeted by Will Hild (@WillHild) on May 10, 2023.

Today, @GOPoversight is holding a hearing on the threat posed by the ESG agenda to both American business and our economy at large.

Thank you to Chairman @RepJamesComer for helping shine a light on this pivotal issue ⬇️

Alabama @AGSteveMarshall: “ESG is a clear and present danger to consumers and to our democracy. An unelected cabal of global elites is using ESG to hijack our capitalist system, capture corporations and threaten the hard-earned dollars of American workers…”

Utah AG @SeanReyesUT:

“Ever since the signing of the Paris Agreement there’s been an open conspiracy to bypass Congress…by key players in our financial system…these organizations seek to use their collective market power to force burdensome changes on American companies…”

The facts are clear: ESG investing underperforms the broader market.

@RepClayHiggins and @SeanReyesUT discuss:

One of the main cogs in the ESG machine is the proxy advisory duopoly held by Institutional Shareholder Services and Glass Lewis.

Together, they work in-tandem to help push ESG proposals onto American businesses.

@RepArmstrongND and @SeanReyesUT discuss how:

.@AGSteveMarshall explains how ESG is having a *very real impact* on Alabama farmers and farmers nationwide:

.@laurenboebert outlines how @BlackRock is using *your retirement funds* to force corporate America into compliance with their ESG agenda:

.@RepRussellFry breaks down what a fiduciary is, what they are *legally required* to do and how woke asset managers (like @BlackRock) are blatantly ignoring their legal obligations to their customers and shareholders:

Alabama @AGSteveMarshall debunks the analogy used by progressives’ star witness @ILTreasurer, while at the same time highlighting how ESG has no definition and is instead just a vehicle for progressives’ preferred policy priorities of the moment:

.@USRepGaryPalmer explains how the ESG agenda is actively undermining the US on the global stage, while propping-up Communist China:

.@RepRobertGarcia accidentally said the quiet part out-loud:

“[Democrats] aren’t here to put working people above big corporations…”

Rep. @timburchett and @SeanReyesUT discuss the threat that the radical, UN-backed Net-Zero Asset Managers Alliance poses to our economy and our overall energy security:

Originally tweeted by Will Hild (@WillHild) on May 10, 2023.

via Watts Up With That?

May 10, 2023 at 05:09PM

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