research has shown Britain has the sixth most expensive energy rates in the

As the cost of living crisis rumbles on in the UK, households continue to be
wary about their energy consumption.

Although the government extended its Energy Price Guarantee for homes until
June, which brings the average energy bill to £2,500 a year, the cost is still
eye-watering. Now, new research has revealed that Brits pay nearly twice the
European average per kilowatt of energy.

Figures from The Underfloor Heating Store show that, at 39p per kilowatt,
Britain has the sixth most expensive energy globally, after the Solomon
Islands, Vanuatu, Benin, Denmark and Germany. On average, Europeans pay 23p per
kilowatt of energy – almost half of what we pay in the UK.
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via climate science

May 11, 2023 at 02:00AM

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