India’s Heatwave A Year On.

By Paul Homewood



You will recall a heatwave in spring last year in India, with BBC claims of record temperatures in Delhi and Met Office claims that climate change is making such events 100 times more likely.

I debunked it at the time, here, here and here.

Now of course we have the full data for spring for last year, and this year too.

Below are the spring mean temperatures at Safdarjan Airport, in New Delhi, which has long running, high quality, is relatively unaffected by UHI, and is listed by the India Met Office as one of their Base Stations:


It was certainly how last spring, but not as hot as 1941 and 1943, and this year’s temperatures were actually below average. There is clearly no trend towards hotter springs there.


May 15, 2023 at 10:02AM

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