Jo Nova on the Mark Steyn Show: “The Weighting Game” with EV’s

By Jo Nova

Watch the whole segment on SteynOnline or ADH TV in Australia

A wonderful chance to discuss some of the heavier aspects of EV cars, more dangerous car parks and car accidents, the fun of fires on cargo ships, novel ways to douse a smoking car, the delusional need for more metal than anyone can dig up on Earth.

With extra information in these posts

Does 500kg matter? Heavy EV cars may break bridges and car parks It’s just a ship full of luxury cars on fire, and no one can put out the lithium batteries Net Zero by 2050? We need about 10,000 years of current Lithium production to get there first

The man is a warrior — hear about his battle with OfCom which is headed to the High Court.

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via JoNova

May 17, 2023 at 10:20AM

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