King Charles backed these care homes for 40 years – now Net Zero is forcing them to close

By Paul Homewood

It’s hard to think of anything more damning about the King’s obsession with climate change:




A care home charity backed by the King is being forced to shut down properties because of Government net zero rules.
Martin Green, chief executive of the country’s leading social care body Care England, said on Friday that the Government had “slapped another fee” on chronically underfunded care homes by introducing legislation which will force providers to meet new energy efficiency standards at great cost.
He warned care providers across the country faced closure due to the prohibitive expense of installing more energy efficient double glazing, insulation and heating systems, expected to cost social care providers hundreds of thousands of pounds.
He said: “The Government needs to see that, without help, care homes will not be able to deliver on this without losing beds.”
It came as the 60-year-old care home provider Abbeyfield, of which the King has been a patron for more than 40 years, confirmed 43 of its homes face closure because of the unmanageable costs of improving their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating to C by 2030.
In a letter seen by this newspaper, residents were this week told an extensive review had concluded the cost of upgrading its properties under government net zero plans was “too great” for the charity to meet, saying it had identified a number of homes “which can no longer be operated sustainably”.
Residents of an Abbeyfield home in Cornwall told local news reporters it was “one of the worst things I have heard in my life” and that the prospect of losing their home was keeping them up a night, while a 76-year-old resident of a care home in Wiltshire said she “didn’t know why this was happening”.
Charities have warned elderly residents’ lives were at risk, due to the shock of the prospect of losing their homes.
The upgrades are necessary because of the Government’s efforts to meet its target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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This fiasco lies at King Charles’ door as much as the political establishment’s.

It is all very well for Charles to pontificate and issue warnings of X months to save the planet. But we are now seeing the practical outworkings of his incessant political campaign, which he began years ago.


May 20, 2023 at 01:35PM

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