How the foreign funded climate cabal bought Germany to its knees


German FlagBy Jo Nova

Only two men were central to the Green policy stranglehold that cripples Germany today, and one has just been sacked. But look at how easy it was for foreign interests and activists to influence bizarrely suicidal national policies.


A vast foreign-funded climate cabal with a death grip on policy is currently fighting hard to crash the Federal Republic of Germany with no survivors

The international press has maintained near-total silence on the escalating insanity of what is happening in Germany. Media outlets that routinely celebrate German progress towards energy transition don’t want you to know that Europe’s dominant industrial power has entered a deeply destructive political and administrative spiral from which it may never recover. The fault lies with the self-defeating and unworkable energy policies that have a death grip not merely on the Scholz government, but on the entire administrative state.

Germany leads the way in the big green experiment

At one point last winter 12% of the entire Germany GDP was being consumed in the energy crisis. Factories are leaving Germany because energy prices are unbearable, but defying all reason, Germany has just closed its last nuclear power plants and is trying to ban gas and oil heating at home too which will only drive up demand for electricity at a time when electricity is hard to find. Germans burned so much wood last winter at times they ran out, and now their government wants to ban wood stoves too.

Eugyppius explained a couple of weeks ago how a Der Speigel article (surprisingly) revealed that two key political players installed their Green friends in positions of power. And just this week comes the news that one of those men has just been forced to resign due to the same nepotism that was a core part of the climate-cabal plan.

Today, Der Spiegel (of all magazines) published a lengthy piece on the origins, funding and rise to power of the “Eco Network” currently controlling German energy policy, and I want to discuss it in detail, because it is so revealing about so many things.

Patrick Graichen was a top state secretary in charge of energy and climate issues until news broke out that he picked his best man to head up the German energy agency. But the trouble in Germany began ten years ago with the Green politician Ranier Baake — who became known as Mr Energiewende himself (the man who created the “Energy Transformation”.) He’s the one who first appointed green technocrats in every corner of the German deep state. By the time German voters picked a centre right party in 2018, the Green momentum wrapped around them and just kept moving.

Baake also founded the most powerful green thinktank in Germany — and appointed his protege Patrick Graichen to head it. See how this works? The thinktank was his springboard into the highest levels of German government, and this thinktank was funded in part by American philanthropists.

As the old-guard industry-friendly civil servants in the German bureaucracy began to retire, Baake filled their posts with Green technocrats wherever possible, such that when control of the Ministry passed to the centre-right CDU in 2018, the damage was done. The institutional momentum had already shifted towards climate change and begun to gather strength under its own power

During his five-year tenure as state secretary, Baake appointed Graichen to head the Agora think-tank, which began churning out policy papers, sponsoring Green scientific research, and gathering an ever-growing crowd of loyal advocates and technocrats. This paid off: [As Der Speigel says, Graichen’s name was used all through the German parliament].

Three easy steps to create climate fixation in Parliament

Rainer Baake, Germany

Rainer Baake (Staatssekretär für Energie, BMWi, Berlin), Foto

It’s a three-step process. 1) Activists and regime-approved scientists identify and make noise about looming problems, and then 2) think tanks write pages and pages of legislative and regulatory solutions for them. All of this happens largely out of sight, until 3) politicians respond to the demand stirred up the activist arm, and having no real expertise or understanding of anything themselves, they have no choice but to enact the proposals that people like Graichen feed them.

Here, then, is the explanation for Robert Habeck’s stubborn idiocy since last Fall. As soon as the Greens entered government, he made Graichen his state secretary for energy, and it is Graichen and the army of technocrats he commands who have been behind every political disaster since.

The farcical response to the energy crisis, where these people were actually forced to work contrary to their principles and buy enormous quantities of coal (from Russia no less); the botched but nevertheless completed nuclear phase-out; and, finally, the catastrophic changes to the Building Energy Act, which will immiserate millions of Germans and do absolutely nothing to change the temperature of Earth.

The influence of American millionaires:

Their work was financed in the background by two men: Bernhard Lorentz, who as head of the Mercator Foundation helped to bring the Agora think-tank to life. And Hal Harvey, an American lobbyist who has funded environmentalist and climate organisations around the world for almost three decades, helped among other things by the philanthropic billions of families like the Hewletts.

This is not the first time we’ve found unlikely American activists and philanthropists behind European – and specifically German – climate activism. Spiegel explains, ominously, that “Harvey sees Europe as the key to preparing a climate-neutral future” and that this reason “he directs millions … to support the likes of Baake and Graichen.” This man, who hardly appears in Anglophone media and doesn’t even have an English-language Wikipedia page, has been christened by Die Zeit as “the most powerful Green politician in the world.”

I would have thought it would be depressing to read the details, but it’s useful to know thine enemy.

Though, of course, in this case, even though both key players may be out of their official major roles, the team they established are still there.

The latest polls show that 40% of Greens voters have abandoned the party.

h/t Climate Depot, David E.


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May 23, 2023 at 02:20PM

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