ClimateTV Live @ 1PM EDT: Extreme Hurricane Season, or Extreme Fearmongering?

With hurricane season around the corner, Stanley Goldenberg, a scientific expert in hurricane research, joins us for the newest episode of Climate Change Roundtable. Goldenberg joins host Anthony Watts and expert panelist Linnea Lueken to discuss what the current data and forecasts indicate for the upcoming hurricane season.

Readers may recall that last year, NOAA and media outlets touted a very active hurricane season that turned out (thankfully) to be a dud. What impact will the end of La Niña and return of El Niño have this year? What other factors are at play? Join us to find out!

Climate Change Roundtable airs every Friday at 12pm CT/1PM ET. Tune in to the LIVE program to ask questions to put panelists, have your comments featured on the show, and interact with like minded viewers.

Watch live here

via Watts Up With That?

May 26, 2023 at 11:56AM

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