Watch British Police Protect Road Blocking Climate Protestors

Essay by Eric Worrall

Instead of arresting Just Stop Oil climate protestors, who appear to be maintaining an illegal road block, British police arrested a commuter who lost his temper at police inaction.

Let me simplify it for you Just Stop Oil. Ordinary people hate you.

If the police hadn’t been there to keep the peace, ordinary people would have beaten you up.

Britain supposedly has strict laws against illegally blocking roads, but clearly they weren’t being applied to their fullest extent in this case.

I really hope the gentleman who was arrested got let off with a warning. Who knows what real crimes were being committed, while the police were busy being distracted by the need to prevent ordinary members of the public from giving Just Stop Oil protestors a kicking.

Maybe the police were waiting for reinforcements, so they had enough officers to arrest the protestors, that would be an understandable reason for their hesitation to act. But what I saw on the video looks bad.

WUWT does not condone violence, but I couldn’t help imagining myself in the shoes of the guy who was arrested. We’ve all been in a situation where we were desperate to get somewhere, to keep the boss happy, or get back to our kids. To be stopped by a bunch of petroleum cloth wearing anti oil protestors, on top of all the usual nightmare traffic problems which British drivers face, that would be hard to accept.

via Watts Up With That?

May 26, 2023 at 12:56AM

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