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Japanese atomic bomb survivors live longer, have less cancer

Japanese atomic bomb survivors live longer, have less cancer LNT debunked (again) in this new, landmark paper. Read the study….

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Ocean Warming in Climate Models Varies Far More than Recent Study Suggests

I wanted to expand upon something that was mentioned in yesterday’s blog post about the recent Cheng et al. paper which was widely reported with headlines suggesting a newer estimate of the rate of ocean warming is 40% higher than…

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Disentangling California Drought

Here is Jim Steele’s newest column article for the Tribune and 5 other Marin papers,~ctm Pacifica Tribune column, January 16, 2019 What’s Natural? Disentangling California Drought Devastating droughts are a great concern. Droughts disrupt ecosystems, agriculture, and drinking water supplies….

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Understanding physics could lead to big gains in shale oil recovery

Credit: A longer delay in the middle of an existing process could be the key to even greater success than is currently being achieved. Oil companies are missing out on vast sums of recoverable oil in unconventional reservoirs, according…

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