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President “Trump thinks scientists are split on climate change”… He’s right, Dana Nuccitelli is wrong

Guest rebuttal by David Middleton Trump thinks scientists are split on climate change. So do most Americans There’s a 97% expert consensus on human-caused global warming, but most Americans are unaware Dana Nuccitelli Mon 22 Oct 2018 06.00 EDT […]…

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Lesley Riddoch: Why Fake News Is Harming The Arctic

Is it time that people – and not polar bears – were the face of the Arctic The issue of “Arctic animal porn” was raised at the weekend’s Arctic Circle conference in Reykjavik, where climate change was the main theme…

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Climate Book By Japanese Physics Professor: “The Globe Isn’t Warming Anymore”…IPCC “Scientifically Immoral”

By Kirye Edited by P Gosselin A climate skeptic book by Japanese physicist and Professor Emeritus Yuh Fukai released in October, 2015, was recently released in Kindle version. The title of the book in Japanese is: 地球はもう温暖化していない, which  means: “The…

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EU Waste-Dumping Behind The Marine Plastic Crisis

The GWPF video should be shown in every school as the basis for a proper debate on environmental policies as well as our own moral responsibilities A couple of days ago, following new headlines about Britain’s growing and toxic plastic waste mountain, …

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