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Fake Claims About Bird Extinctions

By Paul Homewood   This is another perennial scare:   Rare breeding birds are becoming increasingly vulnerable to extinction in the UK due to climate change, a new report reveals. Species such as dotterel, whimbrel, common scoter and Slavonian grebe…

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Susan Crockford on the decline of the polar bear icon

Here at CliScep we are gutted that our blog did not make the list of “AGW denying blogs” provided by the lying fraudsters top scientists behind the recent smear job on Susan Crockford. The reason seems to be that we…

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Climate Shell Game

This post updates the guerrilla warfare conducted by anti-fossil fuel activists against corporations by means of shareholder resolutions. Background Last year activists took a scalp from Exxon Mobil when a resolution passed requiring the Board to include business risk assessment…

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“Pseudoscience is embraced, it might be argued, in exact proportion as real science is misunderstood”… Except in the case of climate change.

Guest post by David Middleton This item on Real Clear Science caught my eye today… Dr. Novella discussed another paper which found that skepticism of the so-called scientific consensus regarding climate change cannot be explained by a lack of scientific…

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