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Enough! Martis Responds to Sinclair re Industrial Wind (face-to-face debate urged)

“Kevon Martis is a ‘senior fellow’ of a Washington-based think tank, E&E Legal, which has a well-known history of support for tobacco, oil, gas, and coal interests. He can hardly be considered an unbiased presenter on energy topics…. Hopefully, in coming…

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‘Kill Climate Deniers’ – Now Showing at a Sydney Theatre

JUST two generations back, in the 1960s, mainstream Australian society shunned both unmarried pregnant women and also homosexuals. They were loathed, and it would have been considered reasonable for the local police to turn-a-blind eye should misfortune befall members of…

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Renewables Hoax: Australia’s Biggest Retailer, AGL ‘Gets Out of Coal’ By Spending $200m Fixing Coal-Fired Power Plant

  Renewables rent-seekers never talk about output, they only ever talk about capacity. Lines like the Windy Hill wind farm will power 30,000 homes, never come with the obvious caveat ‘sometimes’, and the rider that we can never say precisely ‘when’ that…

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The latest medical malpractice: blaming “climate change” for heart attacks

From the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY and the “anything goes with climate change” department comes this absurd study. What the researchers seem to fail to realize is that just stepping outside from a heated house to the typical outdoor temperatures of…

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