There simply isn’t enough Anthropogenic CO2 to make a difference



Kinnick Stadium, Iowa City, IA.  Home of the Hawkeyes.
  1. Kinnick Stadium holds 70,585 Hawkeye Fans and atmospheric CO2 is 400 ppm. If every Hawkeye Fan represents one atmospheric molecule, then 28 Hawkeye Fans would represent atmospheric CO2.  Man however is not responsible for all the atmospheric CO2, and is responsible for at most 10 of those 28 molecules of CO2. Man’s contribution to atmospheric CO2 is the equivalent of 10 Hawkeye Fans in Kinnick Stadium.
  2. CO2 is a trace gas at 400 ppm, and its contribution to global warming is to react with a very narrow band of outgoing radiation between 13 and 18 microns.

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