Iowa Climate Science Education


Water Vapor is by far the most significant Green House Gas (GHG)

The only defined mechanism by which CO2 can affect climate change is by affecting outgoing radiation between the wavelengths of 13 and 18 microns. Incoming visible radiation has a wavelength between 0.4 and 0.7 microns, and is consistent with a…

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There simply isn’t enough Anthropogenic CO2 to make a difference

    Kinnick Stadium holds 70,585 Hawkeye Fans and atmospheric CO2 is 400 ppm. If every Hawkeye Fan represents one atmospheric molecule, then 28 Hawkeye Fans would represent atmospheric CO2.  Man however is not responsible for all the atmospheric CO2, and…

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The IPCC Climate Models Fail to Accurately Predict Temperature 

  Climate “science” is a “model” based science, its entire credibility is dependent upon the accuracy of its computer models. The very precise climate models are very inaccurate. The confidence of the climate science “consensus” increased as the climate models increasingly…

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600 Million Year Geologic Record

  The current CO2 level of 400 ppm is at the extreme low end of the past 600 million years. Plants and therefore most life will die if CO2 falls below 180ppm. CO2 has been as high at 7,000 ppm,…

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