What Conspiracy Theory Doesn’t Look Like

My two primary mechanisms for uncovering climate fraud are looking at raw data and looking at historical accounts. I’m doing exactly the same thing with the JFK shooting analysis.

The original news stories were unambiguous that Kennedy was killed by a shot through the right temple, and that the police believed the kill shot came from the “grassy knoll.” This was reported in just about every newspaper in the country. The grassy knoll was not conspiracy theory, that was where the police at the scene thought the kill shot came from.

22 Nov 1963, Page 1 – Lansing State Journal at Newspapers.com

Here is the video of White House press secretary Malcolm Kilduff announcing the shot to the right temple, on November 22, 1963.

Rear Admiral George Burkley was the White House Medical Officer, and he reported that Kennedy was shot in the right temple. That is exactly what the Zapruder video shows. The violent movement of Kennedy’s head and body back and to the left is exactly what would be expected from a soft bullet which lodged in his skull and transferred all of the momentum into his skull. The laws of conservation of momentum are pretty well established. The bright white circle in Kennedy’s skull appears immediately after impact and remains until his head drops out of view. There is no indication of damage to the back of the skull.

James Files claims to be one of the actual hitmen, and has presented a very credible story about what happened that day.

As I squeezed off my round, the head started forward, I hit it and blew the head backwards.

James Files claims he killed John F Kennedy as he prepares for his release | Daily Mail Online

His story matches the historical evidence. Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered in the police station on his way to his first court appearance. Obviously somebody didn’t want him to testify.  By killing Oswald before he could testify, that made it possible to claim Oswald acted alone. Files says he was only supposed to shoot Kennedy if no head shot from the rear had occurred.

Claims that the kill shot came from the rear have no credibility. The video clearly shows that was not the case. JFK was shot by at least two, and probably three bullets. One or two of those came from the rear. If you want to understand what happened that day, I strongly suggest you clear your head of the BS you were raised with and watch this video with an open mind. Files testimony is extremely detailed and matches the historical evidence.

Also watch what his prison warden had to say about him.

Some readers have gotten very agitated about me discussing this. They can feel free to quit reading the blog.  This is what I do.

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November 4, 2017 at 02:44AM

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