EVs Hopelessly Uncompetitive In Australia Too

By Paul Homewood



A new report highlights just how expensive electric cars are to run.

The Australian carries the story, unfortunately behind a paywall, but I have got this snippet:


Electric car drivers pay about $5000 to $10,000 more each year in all-up costs than drivers of equivalent petrol or diesel cars, ­according to the federal government’s advisory firm on vehicle emissions.

The ABMARC cost comparison puts all-up costs for the ­battery-powered Nissan Leaf at $14,513 a year, compared with $9211 a year for a standard Toyota Corolla.

The electric BMW i3S costs $19,220 a year, compared with $12,479 for a BMW 118i with a ­petrol engine.

The figures take into account purchase price, fuel or recharging costs, finance, registration and servicing over a five-year period, travelling 15,000km a year.

The firm said it would take up to a decade for smaller electric ­vehicles to reach price parity with equivalent petrol or diesel cars, and about eight years to reach parity with comparable medium-sized cars and small SUVs. However, EVs are already close to parity at the luxury end of the market, and are expected to reach parity in the large SUV category within five years.

ABMARC managing director Natalie Roberts posted the analysis on her LinkedIn account as ­debate raged this week over the future of electric cars.

The firm has previously advised the government that EVs charged on the grid in NSW, Victoria and Queensland have a worse carbon footprint than internal combustion cars because of the prevalence of coal-fired power in those states.





According to their website:

ABMARC is an independent Australian company, established in March 2011. We have assembled a team of the best engineers and research staff to deliver a broad range of services to the automotive, transport, fuels, energy, government, mining, education and environment sectors.


So they appear to be a competent outfit, and certainly don’t have any bias against EVs.

The chart above is the one posted by Natalie Roberts.

As we know in the UK, the price of EVs is uncompetitive, even with govt subsidies of £4500. It would appear that the same is true in Australia.



January 25, 2018 at 04:09PM

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