My Climate Forecast From Three Years Ago

I’ll bet the hottest dataset wins the biggest government grant.”

– Dr. Roy Spencer

NASA’s surface temperatures have been steadily altered over time to cool pre-1970 temperatures, and warm post-1970 temperatures. This creates the appearance of warming, which is necessary to keep government grants coming in to the agency.

1981: Challenge_chapter2.pdf         2001:     current: Fig.A.gif 

During March of 2015, I predicted that Carl Mears at RSS, under extreme pressure from the climate mafia,  would alter his satellite data to match the fraudulent NASA surface temperature data sets.

Look for the satellite data to be adjusted to bring it into compliance with the fully fraudulent surface temperatures. The Guardian is now working to discredit UAH, so it seems likely that RSS will soon be making big changes – to match the needs of the climate mafia. Bookmark this post.

March 27, 2015

And that is exactly what happened. I captured this image about a year ago, which showed that both satellite data sets (RSS and UAH) closely matched, and diverged sharply from NASA’s surface temperatures.

This is the current version of the same graph.  The RSS satellite data has been tampered with to make it match the NASA surface data.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

The next graph shows the changes to the RSS satellite data since early last year.

The only two people who were qualified to review this data tampering by RSS, Dr. Roy Spencer and Dr. John Christy, were not consulted and the changes were not submitted for peer review to them.

Here were Dr. Spencer’s predictions from January, 2017.

“I expect there will soon be a revised TLT product from RSS which shows enhanced warming, too.

Here’s what I’m predicting:

1) neither John Christy nor I will be asked to review the paper

2) it will quickly sail through peer review (our UAH V6 paper is still not in print nearly 1 year after submission)

3) it will have many authors, including climate model people and the usual model pundits (e.g. Santer), which will supposedly lend legitimacy to the new data adjustments.

Let’s see how many of my 3 predictions come true.


Roy Spencer’s Prediction | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

The climate mafia quickly trumpeted of their latest corruption of science :

Climate change sceptics suffer blow as satellite data correction shows 140% faster global warming | The Independent

Conservatives are again denying the very existence of global warming | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment | The Guardian

Global warming is the biggest scam in history, and the only climate forecast that is reliable is that climate scientists will do whatever they have to to keep their funding coming in.

via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

January 26, 2018 at 10:11AM

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