TOBS At Ithaca

By Paul Homewood




Can the massive temperature adjustments made in New York State be explained by TOBS, applied when observation times change?


We have one very easy check. Temperature data at Cornell University, Ithaca has been read in the morning since at least 1949, just as it still is. (Observation times in earlier years are given as “unknown”)




When we check the Annual Climatological summary for 1949, we find that the average mean temperature at Ithaca was 49.5F (see Table 1).



And during 2016, the latest year available, annual temperatures were 48.0F, ie 1.5F cooler than in 1949.




According to NOAA’s summary for Central Lakes (Division 10), as per the graph at the top, 2016 was 0.1F warmer than 1949.



In other words, NOAA is now showing 1.6F more warming than the actual data justifies. And as we have seen, there have been no changes in observation times which could be used as an excuse.

GISS show how much temperatures have been reduced in prior decades, in order to show a warming trend since the 1920s, which simply does not exist in the actual data.

We find the same pattern of adjustments throughout the Central Lakes division.








It is not simply winter temperatures that have been massively artificially altered, but annual ones as well.

As far as New York is concerned, the claim of steadily increasing temperatures is fake.


January 26, 2018 at 09:09AM

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