Syracuse & UHI

By Paul Homewood


As promised, more on NOAA’s tampering with New York’s temperature record.


We saw yesterday how Syracuse International Airport bucked the trend, by showing that Jan 2014 was 0.7F warmer than Jan 1943. In stark contrast, the other six sites in the same Central Lakes division recorded that 2014 was much colder by an average of 3.3F.

This could not a clearer indication of the UHI effect at Syracuse.

Yet astonishingly, despite this UHI effect, we find that NOAA’s official temperature series for Central Lakes gives an annual warming trend actually greater than Syracuse’s, over the period since 1939 when the temperature record at Syracuse began.

Whereas the trend at Syracuse is 1.9F/C, the Divisional trend is 2.4F/C. (Graphs are slightly unclear, but click on the links for the original NOAA ones).





This is clear evidence that there is something badly wrong with NOAA’s version.


January 26, 2018 at 07:39AM

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