Letters To The Sunday Telegraph

By Paul Homewood


h/t Tony Heller



Regular readers of the Sunday Telegraph will probably be aware that Bruce Denness regularly appears in the Letters column, writing about all sorts of topics. On several occasions he has written about his potty climate model.

For some reason, the ST keep on publishing his nonsense. As Booker commented to me yesterday, the best way to guarantee getting a letter printed by the Sunday Telegraph is to start by pointing out, on whatever subject, that “Booker is wrong”.

This particular letter, of course, follows on from one from the odious Bob Ward a couple of weeks ago. Ward is another who seems to get a free pass to the Letters column, whenever anybody has the temerity to challenge climate dogma.


It is a pity the ST did not bother to check Denness’ story before publishing. If they had, they would have found out that 2011 was a La Nina year, when global temperatures are naturally depressed. And, as we know, we are still seeing the lingering effects of the record El Nino of 2015/16.

Allowing for margins of error, temperatures last year, according to HADCRUT4 were no higher statistically than in 2005, or for that matter 1998. Moreover, they ended the year 0.09C lower than the 2017 average, reflecting the unwinding of the El Nino effect. 






Data from satellites show that last year was not even as warm as 1998.





If Denness’ model is right, we can expect this 20 year standstill in temperatures to carry on till 2030.


I have written this to the Telegraph in reply:


Bruce Denness claims that global temperatures have risen by 0.25C since 2011, (Letters 28th Jan). What he forgets to mention is that temperatures were depressed in 2011, because of La Nina at that time.

In fact, according to the HADCRUT4 dataset he quotes, there has actually been no statistically measurable warming at all since 2005.

Meanwhile, global temperatures have been steadily falling in the last 12 months, as the effects of the record El Nino of 2015/16 gradually wear off.


Perhaps others might send similar letters, in the hope that quantity counts!



January 29, 2018 at 06:39AM

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