GHCN Are Even Inflating Current Temperatures In New York

By Paul Homewood


There is a footnote to yesterday’s story about the huge adjustments made by NOAA to the temperature record in NY State.

Recall the Jan 2018 temperatures for the three stations we looked at, as derived from the actual station data:


Auburn – 20.5F

Geneva – 21.0F

Ithaca – 19.6F


I have looked at what GISS are now showing for last month. Screenshots are below, and are in Centigrade.

If we convert to Fahrenheit and compare with the true data, we get:




In other words, not only have historical temperatures been reduced, even now GISS/GHCN are inflating current temperatures. (Note – the GISS temperatures are the “GHCN Adjusted Data”, and have not been adjusted by GISS).


To get an idea of the scale of tampering, GISS themselves provide a comparison of unadjusted and adjusted data for Ithaca:



These are annual numbers, not specifically winter. But they do show that temperatures in the notably warm years have been adjusted down by more than 2C.

The actual data shows that Ithaca was consistently as warm, and occasionally warmer in the 1920s, 30s and 40s as in recent times.

Whatever we think about the accuracy of temperatures in the past, there is no excuse for altering current ones.


 image (Click on “Monthly Data as text”)






GISS Actual Diff
Auburn 21 20.5 0.5
Geneva 21.9 21 0.9
Ithaca 20.8 19.6 1.2


February 17, 2018 at 11:03AM

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