How the Climate Alarmists Managed to Get Everything Wrong

Several decades ago the “environmentalists” decided to push the alleged threat of global warming (before hedging it by renaming it climate change). This would appear to be opportunistic to say the least. When global warming was occurring, they used that as the threat to get public and governmental attention and campaign to “prevent” it from happening.

But this may end up causing a problem for them now. There is increasing concern by climate realists that the next few decades may see global cooling because of the increasing inactivity of the sun. One climate realist even thinks that the global cooling has already started. By playing games with the GAST (global average surface temperature) data and suddenly showing interest in the recent El Nino warming (a real phenomenon which they have previously generally tried to ignore), they have so far been able to cover up this possibility and continue their campaign. But if the climate realists prove correct in their global temperature forecasts, eventually the climate alarmists may have to admit that there is no realistic concern about global warming. They should do so now, of course, since Earth already has a very strong natural temperature control system, which prevents significant warming, particularly in oceanic tropical areas.

Why Global Cooling Is of Much More Concern than Warming

The important thing is that it is not global warming that is of primary concern for humans. It is global cooling. Few people move north to escape the hot summers, while many move south to escape the cold and snow. Few people die from high temperatures; many die from cold temperatures. As discussed previously, there is little danger of significant increases in temperatures, while it is almost a certainty that Earth is headed for a new ice age since interglacial periods rarely last much more than the current one has. A new ice age could have very devastating effects on life on Earth, including humans. This is the major risk by far both in terms of both likelihood and adverse effects.

Since CO2 levels depend primarily on temperatures, the major risk is too little CO2, not too much. So besides worrying about the less important and less likely possible temperature change (global warming), the alarmists have gotten their science backwards. One wonders whether and how they may justify increasing CO2 levels and temperatures given their history of attention to global warming.

If the climate realists’ predictions of gradual cooling prove to be correct, I hope everyone will remember how wrong the alarmists have been–bad climate predictions, bad science, and wrong direction of concern. Hopefully everyone will remember this and disregard what they have to say in the future. Maybe “environmental” organizations need to do a little more research on picking their major campaign issues so as to avoid such likely disasters in the future. They need to select real and important environmental issues for their attention.

via Carlin Economics and Science

March 9, 2018 at 05:12PM

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